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  1. rolandire says:

    My Review – Jarvee worked well and I could able to login easily.
    but Jarvee have same problem like older versions and can not do login operations.

    Either It auto-crashed or show Timeout Error received.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Facebook group data cannot be synchronized. Will tAnd the search group function doesn’t seem to work. Is there a place to discuss the jarvee tool?his happen to you?

    • Albert says:

      FB Group data Synchronized issue fixed in the latest version. Download again fixed version and enjoy Instagram and other all social account unlimited working 100%.

  3. alipora says:

    Hi, i have already bought cracked subscription from somewhere else that promised it works.
    but the cracked version that i have does not login with API. Login API Error issue with instagram.
    Does your crack has api connection issue to IG ? if not i will gladly buy vip sub


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