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Soundcloud Promotion Increase Your Reach

With the barriers to entry to music creation so low these days, there is more music “out there” than any point in history. Getting your music in front of Soundcloud users is a competition against all the other tracks on Soundcloud

SoundcloudManager makes it easy to get your music heard above the rest. From track sharing, to initialising interactions with other users, to finding users interested in your music styles. SoundcloudManager gets you REAL followers, REAL likes, REAL comments, REAL plays and REAL reposts. More…

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SoundcloudManager is not only the most featureful Soundcloud Bot for your Soundcloud Promotion, but is also….



    SoundcloudManager provides you with the flexibility and all the tools you need to perform your Soundcloud bot promotions without imposing any workflow restrictions on how things must be done.



    A simple, yet powerful user interface allows you to quickly and easily setup any Soundcloud promotional action you want to accomplish.


    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We here are rootjazz are sure you will agree that SoundcloudManager is the best and only Soundcloud promotional tool you will ever need, that we will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied.


Features at a glance

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The Ultimate Soundcloud Bot

SoundcloudManager is the #1 Soundcloud Bot for good reason. It is the most feature rich Soundcloud Promotion tool and provides a level of control and flexibility unheard of in other products.

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  • Increase Soundcloud plays
  • Increase Soundcloud downloads
  • Follow users
  • Multi account follow
  • Bulk create accounts
  • Search and favourite tracks
  • Search and repost tracks (Unique)
  • Bulk Create playlists (Unique)
  • Mass increase track favourites
  • Mass increase track comments
  • Mass increase user followings
  • Mass increase Track Reposts (Unique)
  • Comment on tracks

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