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Find Unlimited Lead Data

Powerful audience identification process to identify targeted prospects with our advanced search filtering process. Find Websites, phone numbers, emails and social media accounts easily for almost any website or business. Harvest data from Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Yellow Pages, Start Page, Yelp, The Better Business Bureau and Stop spending tons of money on data from third party data brokers and simply use the tool that all of the pro’s use.

Mass/Bulk Marketing Solution

Tired of only a 7-10% open rate with traditional email marketing campaigns? Our application fills out the contact form of your prospects website. These forms traditionally have a 90-95% open rate! The software also features a powerful email module and social media modules which allows you to email millions of people. Identify your audience with our Data Harvester, and Paigham Bot will automatically deliver a custom message to your targeted prospects getting you in touch with millions of people.


  • Contact Form Submiter & Bulk/Mass Email Blaster
  • Get Data – Google, Yahoo, Aol, Bing, Yellow Pages, BBB, Whois and Start Page
  • Separate Scraping and Posting Modules
  • Harvest Public Proxies & Test Proxies, Use Tor Proxies & Ip Rotation
  • Advanced Tag Control Module with custom posting form field sequences.
  • Tag Collector For easy drag and drop form field mapping.
  • Enhanced targeting abilities with the Smart Niche & Search Engine Filters.
  • Powerful Short Codes-Incorporate data from each site into your message.
  • Ability To Add & Create Custom Short Codes For Messages
  • Posting Modes: HTTP Poster, Auto Browser Poster & Manual Posting Modes
  • Form & Google Captcha Solving API Integration
  • Individual Module custom reports
  • Bulk Data Collection (Social Accounts, Phone #’s, emails and more)
  • Directly contact your audience automatically 
  • Multiple Posting Variations (Send 100% Unique Messages To Each Prospect)
  • Multi-Footprint Management Tools
  • Scraping & Posting Throttle 
  • Multi-Threading Abilities-SUPER FAST

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