Social Media Bot 3.4.12 – Automates on Social Exchange Sites



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Switching between accounts can be important to ensure that your accounts stay safe on long runs. The bot support changing the logged-in account on both Social Exchange Sites and Social networks.



The bot uses extensions or DeathByCaptcha to solve reCAPTCHA challenges. It solves the picture captcha on Like4Like, the math challenge on YouLikeHits YouTube Views and other similar login captchas.



A lightweight version of Google Chrome is controlled by the bot to perform the actions on the Social Exchange Sites. This makes sure that your accounts are safe and look more human-like.



The ‘Other Tasks’ category of the bot contains a range of useful tasks. You can add custom breaks, unsubscribe tasks, unlike tasks and much more!


Fast & Efficient

The bot can run as fast as humans (or even faster – not recommended tho), while still using a low amount of your computers memory.

Anti-Ban Features

Your accounts are safe, as all actions include certain amount of (configurable) randomization. Want to be even more safe? Why not use a proxy, also supported by the bot!

Task Customization

You can configure the duration of tasks, add breaks, create custom tasks lists, save/load tasklist and much more.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics about the run time, points per hour, etc.. are available in the bot so you can find out which tasks give the most points.

Frequent Updates

Updates happen usually bi-weekly, with the exception of emergency fixes that are usually pushed within a day if a major problem is detected.

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