Spider Annunci 8.3.3 – Extract Phone Email and Data from Ad Sites

Powerful software that can scan the main Italian ad sites online to extract important information such as cell numbers, phone numbers, description of the ad, photos in the ad, name of the advertiser and even the email address (if present in the clear within the description of the ad itself) etc …

With this application you can perform 100% customizable searches to get targeted user targets (both PRIVATE and COMPANIES) to contact by phone (or email) or lists of ads to be consulted comfortably in offline mode . Just select the source (ebay, bakeca, immediately, ..), then select category and as soon as the page with the announcements of that category opens, click on the ” CATCH ” button and you’re done! All the results will be extracted and formatted in a list that you can view and save in a CSV, TXT or EXCEL file.

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