TextNowBot 1.0.8

A super easy-to-use software for getting an unlimited number of USA and Canada phone number in a few simple clicks.


If you want to create tons of Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Instagram accounts without having to deal with the annoying phone number verification… this software will save your time.


The best part: It comes with proxy support and multi-thread feature, which means you can create as many accounts as you want in lightning speed… and yet, you can rest assured knowing your IP address is safe and secured.


Now there’s a software that allows you to get legit USA and Canada phone numbers fast and easy.

This software is called TextNowBot.

The name shows what’s the main feature of this software.

With TextNowBot, you can create unlimited Textnow account as easy as counting 1-2-3.

Yes, an unlimited account that will provide you legit USA and Canada phone numbers, which you can use to verify Facebook, Google, Twitter, and any other website that requires a phone number for registration.

“That’s cool. But, why Textnow?” you might ask.


So far, textnow is the most popular app that offers a legit phone number for FREE – no credit card required.

The good news is, Facebook and Google won’t become suspicious when you’re verifying an account with a number you get from Textnow.

Why? Because even average people who aren’t doing the same business as ours are using Textnow account for texting and calling. It just looks normal. No websites will notice you’re creating fake accounts.

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