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Make Your Tuberank Jeet A Lethal Weapon To Take Down Every Competitor & Start Off A Killer YouTube SEO Service

Your Tuberank Jeet Elite is amazing, but it can be turned into a lethal weapon that will work not just for 1 or 2 channels but every channel you have – now, or in the future.

Yes, the Pro upgrade unlocks analysis of unlimited YouTube channels and videos. You will never have to wait, and you can analyze not just your channels, but also your competition’s and your clients’.

That’s not the only thing though. Tuberank Jeet Pro is packed with killer features that will turn you into a YouTube SEO monster that will strike fear in the hearts of the competition, bring you the prime ranking and also help you grab 10x more clients for your business.

Become A YouTube SEO Powerhouse With The Simple Pro Upgrade That Puts The Power In Your Hands


Worth $97

Power #1 : Commercial license

Wanna get Tuberank Jeet working for you beyond just video optimization?

Get the Pro version and you get a commercial license. This allows you to recruit clients and provide service to them using Tuberank Jeet. You can optimize their videos and improve their rankings.

Right now, local businesses are waiting for someone like you to come in and help them rank their videos to the top of YouTube. Go on, be that provider.

Legally work for clients and use Tuberank Jeet for their business

Charge any amount you want

Create a recurring business based on YouTube optimization


Power #2 : Readymade Sales Page For Your Services

Want to sell more? Let us help you!

With the Pro upgrade we will give you a readymade HTML sales page that you can just put your payment button on and get sales. Everything is just set up and ready for you.

Written by a copy writer who’s done nearly $3 million in sales online

100% mobile optimized and ready to roll.

Get started right away and sell today.

Worth $97

Worth $67

Power #3 : Optimize unlimited videos daily

If you’re going to use Tuberank Jeet to serve clients then you just need this update. Get it without fail.

Imagine performing quality YouTube SEO analysis for all the channels that belong to you, your competitors and your clients!

Imagine this : You optimize a video for a client and show her exactly what she could change right now to improve the search results of her video. How would it make her feel? You’d have a client for life!

Analyze unlimited videos that belong to you

Rank all the videos that you make

Rank videos in any niche or channel

Power #4 : Unlimited keywords and hashtags

Get unlimited keywords and hashtags for as many videos as you want. You can also find the keywords and hashtags used by an unlimited number of top videos in your niche. Absolutely no restrictions. Scale your business, or the business of your clients.

Worth $47

Worth $47

Power #5 : Unlimited Channels

Need to do optimization for multiple channels and upload videos to them? No worries! The Pro version totally unlocks the channel limitations and you can easily optimize unlimited number of channels. Also get support for Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Power #6 : 2 Years Of Free Upgrade

YouTube changes their algorithm and systems all the time and we make sure to keep updating our software with the latest hot trend.

The Pro level gives you 2 whole years of free upgrade. Get it and you will not have to pay again for the next hot release of Tuberank Jeet. It’s worth every penny because without this you’ll be paying again to get the latest new features in Tuberank Jeet next year.

You know you need this. This is the IM business and those who grab the latest opportunities always win.

Worth $97

Worth $37

Power #7 : Support for Proxies

Going to analyze backlinks and sites all day? No problems! Get Proxy support and go crazy.

The Pro version has built-in support for proxies so you will not need to worry about getting banned on Google or having to wait between searches.

Power #8 : 3 Licenses!

If you’re a pro guy you definitely have multiple computers and maybe even a VA who will help you.

The Pro upgrade gives you 3 licenses and you can use them anyway you want.

Give 1 to your assistant, your friend, install it on a VPS, or give it to your client.

Heck! Do anything you want.

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