Total Email Phone Extractor 3.3.6 – Extract Data from Google And Bing

Total Email Phone Extractor is a software designed to quickly and accurately search email addresses and telephone numbers directly from the main search engines (Google and Bing). The data is extracted in real time, while scanning the results obtained based on the keywords used. To obtain a higher number of email addresses and/or telephone numbers, it is possible to use more keywords and select more sources at the same time (Google, Bing, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). There are no restrictions on the keywords you can use.

Total Email Phone Extractor automatically uses different combinations of keywords and queries to maximize the number of emails and phone numbers obtained for a single keyword. All the data obtained can be viewed in the program in real time and at the end of the scan they can be saved in a CSV file (easily importable into Excel). But let’s see in more detail how this “Total” extractor works.

Due to Google’s security systems, it may happen that extraction from the Google search engine is blocked. In this case, we recommend activating the Proxy function (better if you use Premium Proxy servers) or selecting the Bing search engine that has the least restrictions.

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